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One fine Monday morning…

August 8, 2017

Tolu wakes up feeling like crap. She dreads Monday mornings  and she despises her job. She is overworked, underpaid and not appreciated by her boss.

If she had a choice she would stay back in bed, but she has bills to pay. She has dropped off her CV at several companies; banks, oil companies, real estate firms, pharmacies, bakeries. She is not focused on any industry or career. She just needs a job, she needs to pay bills, send money to her mum for her siblings school fees.

She just wants a job with better pay. Period.

Nkem wakes up angry like she has been for the past two years after her son was born. She left her bank job to give birth because she had complications in her health and needed bed rest. Somehow she hasn’t been able to get another job and this economy is not making it any easier. She is so tired of stressing. She stressed to get a good job, stressed to get married, stressed to have a child after 5 years, had to resign from work due to the stress of childbirth and now is stressing to find another job. She is stressing to lose the weight as well. She is a chief at comparing her marriage, her lifestyle and even her body with everyone else’s.

Halima on the other hand is fine this monday morning. She is very well rested and wakes up just in time to exercise for 30 minutes. She is quite comfortable, has a well paid job. She feels she has outgrown her current position, she knows she can do more. There is just something she can’t place her hands on. Her career is not fulfilling enough, so she plans to attend the best business school next month in search of the next opportunity.

Esther is an entrepreneur so she doesn’t need to wake up as early as the other ladies. The truth is that she doesn’t want to wake up at all. She left a very well paid but terribly hectic job to get her life back. She went to learn the latest rave business in town and invested all her gratuity to rent a shop and set up her business. She assumed that since that’s what everybody is into, there must be money in it. To cut the long story short, she is losing money everyday.

As varied as their circumstances are, all these women have something in common – they need clarity, a sense of purpose and a plan.

Like these women we might find ourselves at crossroads in life, where we have to make that decision to move; either to continue along the path or  move forward in an entirely new direction.

We all owe it to ourselves to have a defined path for our lives and to fulfill our life’s purpose.

These series of learnings will help us discover our unique life’s  purpose and explore attitudes that will lead to richer and more fulfilling lives.

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